Strong is the New Pretty

Lincoln Elementary 5th grade girls are doing a book study on “Strong is the New Pretty” by Kate Parker.  Each Friday we have invited “Strong” women in our community who make a difference and exhibit the qualities in the book.  Last Friday, January 19, 2018, we had Terrah Stroda, a midwife at Geary Community Hospital, in to talk to the girls about confidence. She stressed that being confident is important in her job and that she gained the confidence by studying hard, caring a lot about her patients, and knowing her job well.   The meeting took place over lunch and the principal at Lincoln, Kathi Teeter, and other staff attended as well. The girls asked questions about her job in regards to confidence and being a woman in the medical field.  The girls will write a reflection after each speaker.  Our next speaker is Dr. Beth Hudson who will address the quality of being determined in her job.

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