January Newsletter

School Cancellations and Text Alerts: School cancellations will be announced on the local radio station and news stations. To be certain that you are aware, please check to make sure that the primary phone number in Skyward is your cell phone number, if you would like to continue receiving text messages. The school will be locked if cancelled due to bad weather, so please be sure to check before bringing your children to school. 

Dillon’s Shopper Card: Have you registered your Dillon’s shopper card? It’s easy and only takes a few minutes, please follow the steps below. Lincoln will receive a percentage of your shopping.

  1. Create an online account – go to www.dillons.com
  2. Click on the drop down “Community”
  3.  Click on Community Rewards
  4. Click on Create an Account
  5. Enter your email address, password, zip code
  6. Click on “Enroll Now”
  7. Enter NPO #37905 (Lincoln Elementary)

Flu Guidelines: Effective May 2018 (under Kansas Administrative Regulation 28-1-6), a person with a case of influenza is required to be isolated for seven days following onset of illness. This regulation is based on the scientific data that shows a persons with influenza can be infectious up to seven days following onset of symptoms and often have fever lasting at least five days. The recommendation to stay isolated until fever free for 24 hours is comparable to staying home for 7 days. Please ask your doctor to indicate a date of return if the diagnosis is influenza.

Outdoor Recess: If the wind chill factor is above 20 degrees, it is an expectation that the children will go outside for recess. Parents, please ensure that your child wears proper winter clothing ~ heavy coat, hat, gloves/mittens and boots (they will be allowed to go in the snow with boots!) To excuse a child from recess, a doctor’s note will be needed. Please dress warmly!

After School Questions: Asking “How was school today?” might not get you far. Instead, ask questions like these for a better picture of your youngster’s day:

  • “What’s the coolest thing that happened? What wasn’t so cool?”
  • “Pretend you’re the teacher. How would you describe the day?”
  • “What made you laugh?”
  • “What was the most creative thing you did?”
  • “How were you kind or helpful today? Was anyone kind or helpful to you?”