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Welcome to Lincoln Elementary, home of the Lions. At Lincoln, we strive to create a climate of kindness and caring, where all students are valued and are an integral part of our learning community. We are dedicated to building upon each student’s strengths while helping them grow during their elementary journey. 


Mrs. Kathi Teeter, Principal


News & Announcements

Third Graders participate in field day


Lincoln Elementary School's third-grade students participated in the Third Grade Kansas Kids Fitness Day on April 12, 2024, joining USD 475 peers in various physical activities and making new friends from other district schools. The event aimed to promote health and wellness among students through engaging activities while fostering social interaction and unity within the district. Lincoln Elementary's involvement demonstrates its commitment to holistic student development by encouraging physical fitness and social connections from an early age.

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Ric Dillard in classroom

Every now and then a teacher comes into a group of student’s lives and really impacts them on a personal level. For first-year Fort Riley Middle School Special Education teacher Ric Dillard that is exactly what he has done, the only difference though is that he has inspired an entire school during his first-year teaching.

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Students line up to cheer eachother on for state assessments.

The article reports on the recent participation of third to fifth-grade students in state assessments across a particular state. These assessments aimed to evaluate students' proficiency in subjects like math, reading, and science. Students showcased their academic abilities over several days of testing, supported by teachers and school staff. The assessments provide valuable data for assessing student performance, refining instructional practices, and improving educational outcomes. Despite the rigorous testing period, students demonstrated dedication and commitment to academic success, with results eagerly anticipated.

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