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Collage of Lincoln Library

Welcome to the Lincoln Library Media Center!

The library serves as a magical hub of education, where the alchemy of knowledge transpires. Each shelf is a repository of carefully curated books, offering a diverse array of subjects that cater to the curious minds of young learners.

The librarian, akin to a wizard of academia, orchestrates this symphony of information, guiding students to resources that illuminate the mysteries of science, history, and literature. In this enchanted space, the quest for understanding takes flight as children delve into nonfiction, reference materials, and engaging narratives.

The library cultivates a love for research, critical thinking, and lifelong learning, fostering a sense of awe and discovery that transforms the educational journey into a captivating adventure.

We welcome parents to come and see what magic their children do in our library!


There are no resources or collections to display

Library Media Specialist

Courtney Darnell

Shannon Echevarria