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Collage of Mr. Scott teaching, his equipment, and other athletic activities.

Time to get ACTIVE. Welcome to P.E.

Physical education in elementary school is crucial for the overall development of young minds and bodies. The PE class serves as a dynamic playground where children not only engage in physical activities but also learn essential life skills.

Through games, exercises, and team sports, students build their motor skills, coordination, and a sense of fair play. The physical education teacher acts as a guide, instilling the importance of a healthy lifestyle, teamwork, and discipline.

These classes promote physical fitness, helping combat sedentary habits and contributing to the well-being of the students. Moreover, the social interactions fostered in physical education lay the foundation for cooperation and sportsmanship, creating a positive and active environment that supports the holistic growth of elementary school children.


Ms. Scott teaching 5th grade students bike safety.

Physical Education Teacher

Derek Scott