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Hello First Grade!

​Welcome to the “First Grade”

We would like to take this opportunity to share our philosophy. First grade marks a crucial stage in a child's educational journey, building upon the foundational skills acquired in kindergarten and laying the groundwork for further academic growth. In first grade, children refine their literacy and numeracy abilities, expanding their reading comprehension, writing proficiency, and mathematical understanding.

Beyond academics, first grade is pivotal for social and emotional development. Children learn to collaborate, communicate effectively, and navigate friendships and conflicts in more complex social settings. Additionally, they begin to develop a stronger sense of self-awareness and autonomy, as they take on greater responsibilities and tasks both in and out of the classroom.

First grade sets the stage for continued academic success by fostering curiosity, resilience, and a love for learning, while also nurturing crucial life skills essential for navigating the challenges of childhood and beyond.

We aim to provide every child with the very best education through stimulating and engaging teaching. In turn, our students become active learners as they explore and enjoy a wide range of experiences bringing our curriculum to life.

1st grade teachers.

First Grade Teachers

Jennifer Malcom

Julia Presley